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Jurassic World is the fourth installment to the franchise, we've been waiting for so long, it's here and it will be released on June 12, 2015

What Are Looking Forward To See In Jurassic World?

Chris Pratt and the Velociraptors
Chris Pratt and the Velociraptors

I know we're looking forward to see awesome action scenes, the dinosaurs in action and pretty much the "chaos" that we'll get to see. Will it be as intense and thrilling like Jurassic Park? We'll judge that ourselves. So far, I can tell this is going to be a great movie, and I have a feeling it's going to be the "Must See Movie in 2015" when I first heard that Jurassic World was going to be released in June 2015 I was so excited, I wanted to know more of what the JP sequel has in store.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex From Jurassic Park (1993) In Jurassic World

The one and only, the T-Rex that gave us the spine-chilling thrills, is back! When I first heard about we'll be seeing the beauty queen T-Rex from JP in Jurassic World, I was so excited that my excitement overflowed. To be honest, I had no idea, that whoever decided to put the T-Rex in Jurassic World. I didn't think that somehow they would do that, cause I just assumed that maybe they would have new dinosaurs. I can't wait to see new dinosaurs in Jurassic World. I know there's the hybrid, Indominus Rex is a new addition to the film, and suppose to be much more terrifying and life threatening than any dinosaur in Jurassic World. Well, it's not hard to believe considering the fact that, the trailer shows that I-Rex is going to cause some serious chaos. Other than that, I'm beyond excited to see the T-Rex herself. I do have one question, in the trailer when we see Bryce Dallas Howard holding a flare, as doors open in front of her. Is it the queen T-Rex herself, as if Bryce was there to signal her to kill of the I-Rex? If that happens to be true, then I am going to so surprised that were to happen in that scene.

Jurassic World Trailer

This trailer shows us, of what to accept when we see Jurassic World, but also doesn't show everything, cause we need to see it ourselves. In the trailer we see that two kids, go alone to the new theme park that's open for everyone to go to. And that Bryce Dallas Howard and the members that work at Jurassic World created their first genetically hybrid the Indominus Rex a new addition to the park's attraction. People are running and screaming, as if it was the I-Rex causing chaos. Then there's Chris Pratt teams up with the Velociraptors.


Are You Going To See Jurassic World?


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