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No spoilers in this review.

I have a hard time getting into most superhero TV shows for numerous reasons: the writing, the acting, the action, the effects, etc. Honestly, I don't feel that I should have different standards for movies and TV shows. Luther, Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad, and many other shows have become great quality entertainment in the home. And now Daredevil is making me believe that superhero shows can rise up and become something truly incredible. I am only two episodes into this show and I am ready to say that Daredevil is now the best superhero TV show I have ever seen. I will even go farther and say that it is better than at a third of the superhero movies out there.

This show is firing on all cylinders and makes me really excited to watch more. The characters are well developed, the story is moving at a fine pace, and the action... WOW! The fight scene at the end of episode 2 is off the chain. I have never seen anything like that on TV and rarely does an action movie get that exciting. I guarantee you will hear people compare the fight sequences of Daredevil to blockbuster hits like The Raid and Captain America: Winter Soldier. The choreography and camera work are perfectly tuned with each other to make each fight scene tug you toward the edge of your seat while never shaking you to death. The hits are powerful, and you feel every one of them.

I must admit I am not very familiar with the comic origins of the character, but I have quickly become a huge fan of Charlie Cox in this role. He is brilliant in this lead position; bringing a believability to the plight of this blind vigilante through the eyes of a man truly concerned for the wellbeing of his fellow citizens. Overall this show is a masterful work and deserves even more praise than I can afford at 2AM on a Friday.

Step aside Shield, Arrow, and the Flash... there's a new sheriff in town.


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