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Swapping broomsticks for analogue sticks, word on the street is Daniel Radcliffe is currently in talks to star in the BBC's upcoming drama Grand Theft Auto, a feature-length gaze into the creation of the seminal franchise.

Radcliffe, THR reports, will play Sam Houser, the enigmatic and brilliant co-founder and president of Rockstar Games, the company behind various iconic games such as Red Dead Redemption, the Max Payne franchise and Manhunt.

Radcliffe & Houser
Radcliffe & Houser

The TV movie will focus on Rockstar's heated legal battles with Jack Thompson, an eccentric activist Miami lawyer who was embroiled in legal attacks on media companies for, apparently, glorifying rap and sex on radio and TV, before turning his gaze on the gaming giants, aiming to gain restitution for violent acts committed by people who also happened to play GTA.

Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson

In 2008, Thompson was disbarred for misconduct...

Since hanging up his robes, Daniel Radcliffe's career has taken many eclectic and interesting turns, but tackling the Rockstar phenom, that is the man Houser, will definitely be one of his most interesting roles.

The reclusive Rockstar head-honcho has never been one for interviews and public appearances, believing that they are a rather peculiar past time:

"More so than ever before, in a world where people are just out to be famous for being famous and want to be interviewed for being interviewed, it seems like a funny practice."
Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption

But in 2013, he opened up to Playboy in a wonderfully candid article about the creation of Rockstar, its effect on the global consciousness, and its subsequent growth into one of the most important game devs in the history of the young medium.


Despite the giddying highs of GTA V being one of the highest grossing video games of all time, Sam Houser and his team of Rockstars hit emotional rock bottom when they were faced with accusations of glorifying violence, misogyny and claims that their games intentionally sought to corrupt the morals of the American youth from various district attorneys, senators and the US government.

"That was a dark time. Otherwise I think I definitely unraveled. I did unravel, but I raveled back up, if you know what I mean. (...) These were very uncomfortable, nerve-racking times. And it was, you know, a lot of the time I thought about, you know, packing it in kind of a thing. Bloody glad I didn’t."

The drama will be directed by Owen Harris (Black Mirror, Misfits), and written by James Wood (Rev., The Ambassadors), and will be part of the BBC's "Make it Digital" drive to create interest in careers in tech for British youngsters.

Why Would Radcliffe Be Right For The Part?

No stranger to playing brilliant, mysterious and multifaceted characters, playing a veritable master of humorously dark video games should come as easy as breath to him.

Tough Roles

He's not afraid of baring heart, soul and... crotch for his art (I'm looking at you Equus), similar to Houser. Minus the crotch part, perhaps.

Top Of The Class

The wonderfully outspoken actor is fiercely intelligent, much like Houser and his keen eye for social commentary.

He's Just Brilliant Really

Anyone who manages to pull off a great performance of Allen Ginsberg (Kill Your Darlings) has my vote, but it will be great to see Radcliffe cutting his teeth as another modern day hero.

What do you think?

Is Radders right for the role?

(Source: THR, Playboy)


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