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There is nothing better than a wonderful family affair of getting everyone together, loading the kids into the car with a picnic basket in hand, and heading to enjoy the thrills of a exciting theme park.

All over the world, amusement parks cater to those seeking out adventure, and if Disneyland is anything to go by, children and adults alike are guaranteed a whale of a time.

But what about if you mistakenly encountered a curious park on vacation, soon to realize that you were about to embark on a terrifying day out in Hell?

Well, nothing says a "sunny weekend stroll" quite like statues of demons disemboweling the damned and dogs biting off a pair of giant testicles!

The Wang Saen Suk Hell Park

Unless they knew what they were in for, visitors to Wang Saen Suk Hell Park near Bangkok would have been dumbstruck to be confronted with what is probably the most disturbing and agonizing adventure park experience I have ever set eyes upon.

Built adjacent to a local temple, in this sculpture garden, families and friends can enjoy a sunny day out to a sinister backdrop of sinners being tortured and ripped apart in inventive and gruesome ways. Lovely!

Just take a look at the very surreal tapestry of pain of what you can encounter below!

Greet these skeletal hybrid-animal humans as you come in

This is definitely not child-friendly.

Hang out with this bunch as you eat your lunch

Would this put you off your food?

Take in the glorious view of this man being impaled

Why is the bull-human in the background wearing sunglasses?

Attempt to climb a giant cactus like these naked people

Pants clearly don't exist in this version of Hell.

Watch this woman get disemboweled while she sticks her tongue out

She's just so cheeky!

Experience a bit of human-mincing

Mmmm delicious! I wonder what they serve at the park's restaurant...

Contemplate feeding your own head to a dog

Go on, get involved!

Or, alternative feed our lower half to a pit-bull

The options are endless, really!

See dogs attempt to bite off this man's ginormous testicles

Having balls that big is punishment enough, I think.

Marvel at this child getting flayed

Kids love face-paint.

A depiction of a Buddhist hell

Yet, don't be fooled, this is not all frightening fun and gory games. In fact, the intention of the park is the aim to teach moral values through fear.

The figures depict people being punished for many transgressions highlighted in the Buddhist texts. According to the scripture, when a Buddhist dies, he or she has to present themselves before four celestial beings who examine their behavior record of good and bad deeds over their lifetime. If the good deeds outweigh the bad, they go to heaven. If they don't, they will be punished to the deepest pits of Hell.

By giving visitors a glimpse of what an existence here would be like, the idea is to prevent them from committing acts that will similarly banish them to endless torment.

And the interesting thing is that most of the visitors seem to enjoy the park, attracting thousands of happy families each year. Even the children seem overjoyed by statues that appear screaming out in agony. It's all very bizarre indeed!

And the best bit is, the park also encourages people to support Buddhist monks via donations. A sign in the garden reads:

“Donate a little each day and you’ll have a happy life.”

Suddenly another countless trip to the Magic Kingdom doesn't sound so bad after all, does it?


Would you want to visit this Hell park?



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