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Throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, Square Enix has had to maintain a rather difficult balancing act. There are so many Disney worlds that the company could draw on for the series, that some of the most famous characters had to be reduced to the fringes of the games. So far, they've done a rather amazing job of keeping up the balance, but naturally, when it comes to Kingdom Hearts 3, we want as many worlds and characters that they can possibly give us on its release date for the XBOX One and PS4.

But aside from getting new worlds in KH3, there are still a few characters who've appeared in the Kingdom Hearts series as summonable heroes who need more attention. Sometimes they just come out of nowhere, like how Simba was summonable in Kingdom Hearts. Other times we pick them up along the way, but here's a list of the summon characters from the series that need their own worlds Kingdom Hearts 3's release date!

Summon Characters That Need Their Own Worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3!

Could We See Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 3?
Could We See Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Bambi in Kingdom Hearts 3

The loveable little fawn that broke our hearts as children, has appeared as a summon character in a few Kingdom Hearts titles, and was actually pretty useful too! However, we've never really had the chance to visit Bambi in the forest he grew up in, and there are a wealth of characters that we could potentially interact with should we get the chance to visit.

It'd be adorable to see Spring time in this location, with all of the animals flirting with one another and finding their true loves. So strange looking back on these scenes as an adult, I had absolutely no idea what was going on in that scene with Thumper and Flower. Nice job, Disney!

Kingdom Hearts 3 and Bambi World
Kingdom Hearts 3 and Bambi World

The Fox and the Hound in Kingdom Hearts 3

Get some tissues ready for the scene below! You know what I'm talking about. The Fox and the Hound wasn't a very well received film, though I recall adoring it as a child. Copper and Todd were loveable characters, childish and ignorant to the prejudices of the grownup world that surrounded them.

With a wealth of hilarious and kind characters to interact with, I'd love to see Sora and the gang head into the badgers home, chat with the two conniving birds, say hi to Big Mama and try our best not to leave Widow Tweed crying!

Lilo and Stitch in Kingdom Hearts 3

If there's one summonable character that has needed his own world more than anyone else in Kingdom Hearts, it's Stitch. Not only would we get the chance to visit an alien world with Jumba and Pleakley, we could then fly down to Earth and hang out with Lilo in the glorious sunshine of Hawaii.

Of all the summon characters in the KH series, this is one that deserves the most attention on release date! Do you agree? Are there any other Disney worlds that you think should be dedicated to summon characters in Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


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