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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

The Clown Prince Of Crime is definitely one of my most favorite villains in entertainment, if not my favorite full stop. So it comes as a great pleasure that a performer with such exceedingly good talent such as Jared Leto will be taking up the mantle and donning the iconic green hair dye.

But until we get the long awaited reveal of exactly what Leto's Joker will look like, prepare your eyes for some of the coolest, gruesomest and most badass pieces of Joker fan art that have been loosed on the web.

The sun is up, the birds are singing, but still a few of these great pieces of art managed to freak me out! Only for a fleeting moment though, honest.

1. John Doe

by jempixel

2. Joker

by GarrettByers

3. The Joker

by Austen Mengler

4. The Joker

by K4ll0

5. Become A Monster

by TovMauzer

6. Joker

by TentaclesandTeeth

7. Joker

by wargaron

8. Joker Portrait

by ForWhom

9. Gallery Of Faces

by TyrineCarver

10. Joker

by francis001

11. Joker

by namesjames

12. Joker

by inSOLense

13. Darkest Knight

by Alex Bayliss

14. Gotham City Mugshots: The Joker

by Blake Henriksen

15. Chaos Wyrm vs. Dark Knight

by sandara


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