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So, with the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron just around the corner, a small - but deeply fortunate and jealousy-inducing - group of journalists were recently given the chance to take an early look at the movie. Which...would seem kind of cruel, seeing as we all still have to wait three whole weeks to catch it in action, if it wasn't for one thing:

They were allowed to Tweet about exactly why it was so awesome.

And it isn't for the reasons you'd think....

That's right - not only is Avengers: Age of Ultron apparently absolutely fantastic - but it's set to completely shake up our understanding of what makes the MCU great.


Hawkeye Is Apparently the Best Thing About It

Y'see, in what's apparently a very geeky (and awesome) movie...

...Hawkeye seems to have been given all of the best lines, and a whole lot to do.

Which, to anyone who's been reading his solo comic in the past few years, will come as not even the tiniest bit of a surprise.

Because Hawkguy.
Because Hawkguy.

Though, that being said, it's still absolutely fantastic to hear that Joss has recognized the bad deal Hawkeye got in the first Avengers movie, and set out to make amends.

Meanwhile, in other good news:

Scarlet Witch Sounds Set To Be Awesome

As in, 'major part of the MCU from here on out' kind of awesome:

Which, it seems, might make up for the fact that, from the sounds of the first impressions, highly-anticipated moments like the mid-credits sequence are a little... underwhelming:

The Big Hitters May Be Set To Underperform

Specifically, it sounds as though moments that a lot of us were expecting to dominate the movie - the mid-credits sequence, the setting up of future characters - make up a whole lot less of the movie than we might have thought:

But, on the plus side - that seems to have made for an improved overall cinematic experience.

Plus, from the sounds of it:

Ultron and The Vision are Fantastic

In what sound like distinctly Joss Whedon-esque ways:

So... sounds as though Tony Stark put his own brain patterns into Ultron, huh?

Anyone want to bet that Vision is based on Cap...?

The Tweets That Sell it to Me More Than Any Others, Though?

These three:

Because honestly? For all I'd love to see a giant pile of awesome cameos, and a whole bunch of geeky comic-book awesomeness - what I want more than anything else is to see a fantastic action adventure.

And, thankfully, it sure does sound set to be filled to bursting with both...

And... now to re-watch the trailers on loop until the movie comes out...

What do you think, though?



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