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Now, over the years, Saturday Night Live has put out a whole lot of iconic skits - 40 years worth of 'em, in fact - including a whole lot that led into their own classic movies. Without SNL, we would never have seen The Blues Brothers, Wayne's World, Coneheads or...A Night at the Roxbury.

Some of the show's greatest sketches, though, were never intended to be spun off into their own movies - but were, instead, a direct response to them. And, because SNL is typically filled to bursting with massive (and, thankfully, hilarious) geeks, a whole lot of those featured some of the world's most beloved superheroes.

In recent weeks we've seen some pretty fantastic skits starring Chris Hemsworth (and the rest of the Avengers, ish)...

...and, of course, more recently, Michael Keaton (briefly) kicking ass as Batman:

But in the greater scheme of SNL awesomeness, even those skits pale in comparison to some of the greats.

Here, then, are seven of the absolute greatest, funniest, and most superhero-filled SNL skits of all time.

First up:

7. The Real Way Christopher Reeve Became Superman

Which, as it turns out, was pretty darned terrifying...

6. The Legendary Superhero Party

The legendary skit that started it all...

5. Andy Samberg is...Batman

In which Commissioner Gordon has a really, truly, just plain awful time dealing with Batman. So...just like it would actually be for him in the comics and movies, then...

4. Moleculo, The Molecular Man

In which Conan O'Brien takes a superheroic punchline to its inevitable and hilarious conclusion...

3. Meet...The Rock Obama

Yup. That's right - if you make President Obama mad, he will turn into The Rock.

2. The Kiss

In which Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have a whole lot of trouble with a kissing scene - before a very special guest helps them out. This one makes the number 2 just for the (very clearly genuine) look of panic on Garfield's face during the final kiss...

1. Superman's Funeral

Which, for me at least, wins out for one simple reason (other than the sheer quantity of bad-ass geekiness spread generously throughout): Chris Farley as the most articulate Hulk you'll ever see.

So, those are my top seven picks, but:

What do you reckon?

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