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While you might expect to see cosplay from many of the characters in Christopher Nolan's epic [Interstellar](movie:813746) - Cooper, Brand or Romilly would be among my first choices, one you may not expect to ever see is the wise-cracking former U.S. Marine Corps robot TARS!

TARS was one of the crew members of the Endurance, along with other robot companion CASE, and now one amazing cosplayer, Iain Heath, has spent three months bringing a full-sized walking replica of TARS to life (so to speak)! Speaking about the amazing and complex replica he said:

The replica uses two iPads as computer readouts, and features a camera/monitor system to allow me to see in front of it. It also has an audio system, allowing me to talk to people or play sound effects. Everyone seemed enthralled by the thing, and we got a lot of love from the convention-goers. It was a great experience and I hope to lug TARS to other conventions over the course of 2015.

Heath brought TARS along to the Emerald City Comicon last month and won the "One to Watch" award in the costume contest - a very well deserved prize if you ask me (you can totally trust what I say, much like TARS my honesty parameter is also set at 90 percent!).

Watch the whole video of the amazing TARSplay in action here:

Source: Laughing Squid via Fashionably Geek


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