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Dowsing - sometimes referred to as water witching or divining - is not just a technique used in the movies. It is an ancient technique used to sense things that are yet to be found. Traditionally, it was used to uncover water sources, but for those who possess a spiritual aptitude, it can be used to search for precious stones or oxides and even missing persons.

The science behind dowsing

The theory goes that we are all able to sense electric energy not visible to the naked eye, and through unconsciously maneuvering a dowsing rod or pendulum we use this skill that is not present in our conscious brains. Scientists refer to this as "The Ideomotor Effect".

Dowsing: a Step-by-step guide for the open minded

Find a Y-shaped piece of branch, holding the split ends as pictured. Experts believe that the best wood for this purpose is either Willow or Hazel - the lighter nature of the material is more suited to sensing underground water or metal vapors.

Prepare yourself

To unlock your inner potential, it's important that you are physically relaxed. A minute or two of controlled breathing, closed eyes and soothing thoughts, or even meditation will help to distance you from your worldly concerns. This is a time to tune into your spiritual core, not be distracted by your 'head' thoughts.

Calibrate your dowsing rod(s).

Hold your dowsing rod out before you and let your mind rest on the object or person you seek. Visualize the path to your desired goal before you and let the rod move as your subconscious dictates. If you are truly attuned to the psychic energies, the rod will quiver and turn almost imperceptibly towards your destination.

Dowsing with Pendulums

Dowsing may also be conducted by attaching a metal, crystal or stone weight to a chain or string. However, pendulum dowsing is more useful for Yes/No investigations, hovering the weight above a diagram of options, a little like a Ouija board (shown above).

Do not be disheartened if you have little or no results the first time you attempt dowsing - it is an ancient and mystical technique that has taken hundreds of years to perfect. Just keep trying and try to enjoy an experience unlike any other.

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