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Bioware's Mass Effect 4 is hopefully receiving its release date in 2016. Though to be honest, at this stage, I'd just love to see another trailer to reassure us all of its existence and progress. E3 will assuredly have some new information on the next Mass Effect game, but until then, it's up to the players to generate the discussion of what's in store.

The Mass Effect series has always had a plethora of great attributes. But there's always room for improvement. One aspect that was explored before, though not very well realised, was co-op. Personally, I'd love to see it return for Mass Effect 4 on its release date for the XBOX One and PS4 alongside the multiplayer matches. But how far should it go? Could it be integrated into the main campaign? Or should it just have standalone missions?

Multiplayer & Co-op in Mass Effect 4
Multiplayer & Co-op in Mass Effect 4

Co-op Missions & Multiplayer in Mass Effect 4

Multiplayer has already been a confirmed aspect of Mass Effect 4, so we all have that to look forward to on Current Gen platforms. Naturally, we can probably assume that the integrated co-op multiplayer mode from Mass Effect 3 will be make a reprise too. However, I'd love to see it go beyond these fairly banal missions.

Mass Effect 3 had some pretty standard survival modes for up to 4 players, where we'd all face off against waves of enemies. At the outset you pick a character and are restricted to human races, however, alien ones were unlocked after you progressed in the mode. Personally, I thought it was fine. There was nothing too spectacular about the mode that would bring me back to it, though I would like to see an improved version for Mass Effect 4.

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect 4 Co-op Campaign

If this is Mass Effect 4's plot on release date, not only would that be insanely cool, but it'd also lend itself to the availability of seamless co-op throughout the entire campaign. Personally, I think that this would be an insanely cool idea. The main player of the game would stay on as their character, however, someone else could then hop in and take control of someone else in the party on the Xbox One and PS4.

The idea of having it splitscreen though is most certainly a pipe dream. Modern gaming is slowly killing off the availability of couch co-op, and it's seriously depressing. I'm going to miss the option for it in great games like Gears of War. Oh well, I guess that's really the only leading attribute the Wii U has then.

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

But what do you think [Mass Effect](movie:589200) fans? Would you like to see seamless co-op multiplayer experience integrated into the campaign of Mass Effect 4? Could Bioware make those dreams a reality, or is Next Gen no longer interested in having splitscreen, or co-op as a priority?


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