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Today I saw The Conjuring and not that long after The Grudge, I'm just wanting to watch a bunch of horror all of a sudden. The Conjuring is a 2013 horror film which centers around a couple who are paranormal investigators who are called to investigate hauntings happening around a house in the countryside.

There are a lot of positives in this film, to name a few: the story is good, intriguing and well laid out, the atmosphere is both tense and creepy at the same time and the acting is good. Expanding on these, the story seemed well thought out and the reveal of the origins of the spirit was slow and revealed bit by bit; this aspect of the film was brilliant. The tone of the film was perfect, unlike Insidious the tone is creepy AND tense which The Grudge did a bit of but The Conjuring did it better. Also if you read my Insidious 2 review you would know I am a fan of Patrick Wilson and I was not disappointed in his performance, it was great.

On the negatives side there are a lot less, one of the negatives is that it follows the horror movie clichés; I mention this once again because it was more frequent in this film, however the scares they lead to were still pulled off well. Another negative is that we kept getting reminded it was the 70's from the language and other aspects which was annoying but still didn't take me out of the film for long.

Overall I thought this was a great horror film and was executed well taking the positives and negatives into account, I rate this film:



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