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Today I watched the sequel to The Grudge (which I reviewed yesterday), which revolves around the main character from the last film's sister finding out what happened to her.

In this film there are some positives, which include: creepiness and tense scenes also it linked quite well to the first film. Like the first film the film has a creepy tone with tense scenes which make many moments quite scary; also in certain scenes you can see it links heavily with the first film and I thought it achieved its purpose.

There are a few negatives in this film as well which include: the horror movie clichés, the story was predictable in places and there was three stories in the film. I'm not going to go into detail about the clichés as I have explained it many times, my major problem with this film is how the story is told; in the film there are three separate haunting stories, two of which I didn't care for. The first film did this also but it was clever as it linked them and provided the backstory for the film; in this film the other stories don't matter in the overall plot and they didn't link until the end but that bit felt a little forced.

Overall this is a scary horror film but it has a few story problems so taking everything into consideration, I rate this film:



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