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To refresh myself with the story before The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which I am seeing tomorrow, I decided to watch the first one again. The Amazing Spider-Man is a reboot of the superhero franchise which centers around Peter Parker a teenager who gets bit by a radioactive spider and gains superpowers. This film is about his origins and him fighting The Lizard.

There are lots of positives in this film, these include: good acting, great humour, CGI is good and there is a good realism about it. The part of Peter Parker was cast well as Andrew Garfield did a great job and he plays the perfect 21st century Spider-Man, unlike Tobey Maguire who played the 60's Spider-Man. There are lots of spots of humour in this film which are great as Spider-Man should have a funny guy persona and especially the knife scene makes me laugh; the CGI in this film is really good and looks very realistic. When I say there is a sense of realism I'm not saying a Giant Lizard and Spider-Man could be real, its just that it all was explained in a believable fashion and he's not shooting webs at nothing it was all shown and explained.

There is only one negative that I can think of and that is that the story isn't very in depth; the film is very well done and enjoyable but the story is quite simple which is really only a minor negative as the film is so good. Taking everything into account, I rate this film:



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