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Today I went to the cinema to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in which Peter Parker deals with the aftermath of the first film and has to take on the might of Electro and The Green Goblin, also he finds out more about his father's research.

This film has a lot of positives, which include: very well linked and intriguing story, good acting and great humour. To expand on these, the story unlike Spider-Man 3 which was 3 not very well done separate stories on different villains; this film had Electro and Green Goblin working together against Spider-Man and Green Goblin's motive linked to the underlying story in the film. The plot of Peter's father was very interesting and explained a lot, this part of the film made the film intriguing; and also the story in this film is better than it was in the first. There are also very good bits of acting in this film, the emotion in some scenes is very well done and I still love Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man; also I thought Dane DeHaan played a very good Green Goblin. As in the first film there is lots of humour and I thought it delivered most of the time, so this aspect of the film I really enjoyed.

This film also has negatives which include: I didn't like Electro's origins, the tone was very inconsistent and the CGI was off in points. Electro's origins make him seem too needy and pathetic which I didn't really like, however past a certain point in the film he becomes completely badass; also in places the CGI is clearly CGI as the body ratio of Spider-Man wasn't always perfect and for other reasons it was poor in places, but overall the CGI was good. The tone is this film was all over the place it went from being dramatic and dark to being a kid film all i have to do is mention the rhino.

Overall this film is alright with a well done and emotional story but has some other issues, compared with the first which had barely any faults only the story wasn't so great. This film has an improved story but has other faults so taking everything into consideration, I rate this film:



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