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For the last day of the Easter holidays I decided to go to the cinema to see Noah as I was a bit bored and I was a bit surprised about how much I liked it. Noah is the Darren Aronofsky film adaptation of the bible story, which centers on the character Noah and his family building an Ark to survive a great flood and save the innocent animals and let the wicked be killed.

There are lots of positives to Noah, these include: great acting, great story, beautiful visual effects and great action. The acting in this film is really good and I thought Russell Crowe playing Noah was brilliant, Ray Winston was really good and I liked the bits of Anthony Hopkins that I saw. The way the film was adapted (which I will discuss in more detail further on) made the film interesting and not flat and basic, this also made the film more intriguing and kept me hooked until the end; the visual effects in this film are stunning and that matched with the good action scenes make the film feel really epic.

There is also a small negative (the magnitude of the negative is dependent on who you talk to) which is that the story is changed from the bible; key parts of the film aren't in the bible for instance the leader of man (Tubal-cain) is an almost entirely made up character, there is a person in the bible called Tubal-cain but he has nothing to do with Noah. There are other changes which I can't say because of spoilers but I think you get the point, however these changes help the film feel more fleshed out and help the film be more interesting and intriguing.

Overall I think this was a very good film and taking everything into consideration I rate this film:



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