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As 22 Jump Street is coming out soon and the trailers look really good I thought it would be a good time to see 21 Jump street for the first time, I missed it in cinemas when it came out and now after watching it I am annoyed I didn't see it sooner. 21 Jump Street is a movie based on the 1987 TV series and stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as two recently graduated cops trying to take down a drug trade by becoming students in a High School.

As if you couldn't tell I really liked this film and this means there are quite a lot of positives, which include: great laughs throughout the film (every scene with Ice Cube was hilarious), good action, for once I actually liked Channing Tatum, his character in this film along with Jonah Hill's is really funny and finally I loved the throwback to the old series with Johnny Depp appearing (still need to see Transcendence probably seeing it Friday). This films only negative is the same as Bad Neighbours the story isn't amazing and massively intriguing, there is a little intrigue in who the supplier is but not that much.

Overall I loved this film and made me laugh quite a lot so taking everything into consideration, I rate this film:



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