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Today I went to the cinema to see the new Godzilla film starring Ken Watanabe, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston. I heard Godzilla wasn't in the film much and also Bryan Cranston but when I saw it was I shocked.

There are a ton of positives in this film, which include: good solid acting, great action, stunning visual effects and that last frigging fight. I really thought the acting in this film was really good (except Aaron Taylor-Johnson who was ok and serviceable but nothing more) and for the parts Bryan Cranston was in I loved. Finally Ken Watanabe saying 'Let Them Fight' will stay throughout film history. As I said before I was told that Godzilla was only in the film for like 15 mins where in fact he is in the entire movie and you actually see him fighting for what I swear was like 40 mins; the end fight in the film was so good (him using his Freeze-Breath was so cool) and even though it lasted a long time it didn't feel boring. How can you get bored watching Godzilla fight 2 other monsters? Another thing was that I really liked how it focused on the humans but not so much that Godzilla wasn't in it, it was about the first half of the film about that focused on the people and the second half Godzilla; and the filler in the people part was using the other monsters which made the film really exciting without having Godzilla fight (properly on screen), the tease payed off big time because of that final fight.

There are a few small negatives as well which are: the story isn't that complicated or emotional (which as I have explained before, this doesn't dock points only stops it from getting 10/10) and the frigging cutaways. Before the epic final fight we get monsters destroying stuff and the humans reactions but actually not that long in the film Godzilla attacks the monster and in other scenes the monsters appear; however in certain situations they just cutaway and have a headline in the news 'Honolulu destroyed' without actually seeing all of it. This kind of annoyed me but in the early parts of the film there is more humans and enough monsters to whet my appetite and the final fight made up for the cutaways.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this film and taking everything into consideration I rate this film:



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