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News on Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has been harder to come by these days as post-production is underway and fans are waiting with baited breath for the first trailer to be revealed before Mad Max: Fury Road. We've gotten a great look at Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor dome and an interesting report on how his character may be orchestrating the big showdown between Superman and Batman but little else has emerged these past couple months.

Aquaman Adds to Amanda Waller's Collection

But a recent spoiler may actually reveal some interesting details about Batman vs Superman and how we're introduced to Jason Momoa's Aquaman. A couple weeks ago the spoiler generating mad men at Latino Post fired off another Instagram post containing some very surprising rumors about Suicide Squad's Amanda Waller and her crusade against metahumans.

Amanda Waller makes waves for Batman vs Superman.
Amanda Waller makes waves for Batman vs Superman.

We know that Batman vs Superman will be introducing the big picture about DC's universe of metahumans to audiences and that Lex Luthor will be gathering information about these special people. It's rumored that these files that Lex Luthor is putting together are exactly what Batman gets his hands on to round up a few of the Justice League members at the end of the film. And it's looking like Aquaman may have a bigger file on him than most.

Does Aquaman Lose His Trident in Batman vs Superman?

This new Aquaman rumor has Amanda Waller in possession of Aquaman's trident in the Suicide Squad movie. What?! This is incredibly curious and raises all sorts of questions about what has transpired for this character in Batman vs Superman. Does he have a larger role in the ending of Aquaman than we've been lead to believe? Prior to this, all we've been hearing is that characters like Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash are only briefly seen as the rounds are being made to assemble the Justice League.

Aquaman to play bigger role in Batman vs Superman?
Aquaman to play bigger role in Batman vs Superman?

Many more rumors and spoilers are emerging these days about Suicide Squad and how much world building and expanding will be going on this movie. There's a huge ensemble with many characters being introduced - most interestingly Justice League ambassador and Wonder Woman beau Steve Trevor - and the Suicide Squad is looking like it will be making big progress in moving the story forward after Batman vs Superman. Even though the characters introduced in that film may not play an actual role in the movie, it looks like their stories will see progress in their absence.

Lex Luthor vs Amanda Waller

But how would Amanda Waller get a hold of Aquaman's trident? Could this be something that Lex Luthor ended up getting his hands on and it found its way into Waller's hands? There have been rumors around Batman vs Superman that Lex Luthor is playing a big role in cleaning up after the events of Man of Steel. And not just around Metropolis, but also around the sites affected by the World Engine which many have speculated could include the worlds of Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Could Lex Luthor have started his file on Aquaman after coming across a trident?

Aquaman's trident raises questions for BvS.
Aquaman's trident raises questions for BvS.

Recent Suicide Squad plot leaks have also been establishing a relationship between Amanda Waller and Batman vs Superman's Lex Luthor. But these haven't exactly been establishing a friendship of any kind - actually, the word on the webs about the mission the members of the Suicide Squad get sent on has to do with preventing Lex Luthor from getting his hands on chemical warfare weapons. These two might have a common distrust for metahumans but it doesn't sound like they're best buds.

Will Aquaman Join the Trinity in Batman vs Superman?

Maybe Aquaman does feature in the big climactic battle in Batman vs Superman against Doomsday that is rumored to take place in both Metropolis and Gotham. He could use (and eventually lose) his trident in an effort to help the Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. It doesn't seem too preposterous and it could be helpful in reminding people how powerful the character of Aquaman is and continue to get people excited for his character's appearance in future movies. Of course this rumor of Amanda Waller being in possession of Aquaman's trident is only that, a rumor, but it is an interesting one to speculate about.

What do you think? How do you think Aquaman's trident could end up in Amanda Waller's collection of metahuman artifacts during the events of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)? Let us know in the comments below!


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