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Welcome to week 2 of my Netflix adventure. words and stuff here

DAY 8 : I finished watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and found that Netflix added Are you afraid of the dark, and watched a few episodes of it.

Day 9 : I watched a few episodes of Are you afraid of the dark, the acting is so bad its good. and then I finished of the night with The Loved Ones. Note to self. If a girl ever asks me to go to the big dance with her say yes.

day 10 : Today I turned it down a notch and watch Aziz Ansari : Burries Alive

DAY 11 : Today I got my binge watch on and started watching Video Game High School. It's a good watch though it will take a few episodes to get into.

DAY 12 : I finished watching Video Game High School, I really enjoyed it I hope that make a forth season.

DAY 13 : I did not watch much today I did see a few episodes of mythbusters

Day 14 : I watched the movie expelled tonight, at points it reminded me of the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Expelled (2014)
Expelled (2014)

So that was my second week with Netflix I did not watch as much as I did the first week I am not sure if the novelty is wearing off or not, I guess I will see what happens next week.

As always if there is a show or movie you think I should watch tell me in the comments bellow and I'll give it a go if the aussie Netflix has it.

come back next week to see what I have watched.


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