ByNathan Archer, writer at

Today I sat down to watch The Prestige, a Christopher Nolan film centred around a rivalry between two magicians (played by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale) and how that rivalry turned deadly.

This film has a lot of positives, which include: very good acting, a wonderfully in depth and intriguing story, all the magic tricks were good and the story development was great. The story in this film sort of plays in reverse leaving you with lots of intrigue and I found myself trying to work it all out, all the film's twists and turns were really good and finally the film resolved well and I was happy with the ending. There really isn't much negative apart from the fact I wasn't that emotionally attached to the characters (unlike X-Men: DOFP but that's only as I have had 7 films to get attached to them).

Overall this film is really enjoyable and very intriguing and the twist pays off at the end even though you could tell it was coming a few minutes before they revealed it fully, so taking everything into consideration I rate this film:



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