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Just a few days ago we got a very detailed breakdown of what is set to appear in the second trailer for Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. It's looking like the leaked information about what is set to make its world premier that the Star Wars Celebration festival in California next week is legit as that rundown got elaborated upon shortly after it surfaced.

Here is the big description of the two minute Star Wars 7 trailer with some context added from the surrounding scenes that have gotten previous descriptions through plot leaks on the more reliable rumor sites. A very cool addition to this leak was posted on Star Wars Underworld and it adds some interesting details to what we should expect to see when the second Star Wars 7 trailer emerges.

Updated Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer Breakdown

First, Star Wars Underworld shared an artists representation of one of the most anticipated moments from the second trailer - where we finally get the Han Solo reveal. The moment is from a cockpit scene in the Millennium Falcon and also features Rey and Finn, with Chewbacca said to be on board but recuperating from a tussle with some bad guys. Here it is...

Artists rendering of scene from Star Wars Episode 7
Artists rendering of scene from Star Wars Episode 7

There are more details given on the opening image of the trailer - a Star Destroyer that crash landed on a desert planet. This is the image from the concept art we've seen but this new description goes on to say that it isn't a recently crashed Star Destroyer, but one that looks like it has been there for years.

This actually supports an older rumor about how we're introduced to Rey in Star Wars Episode 7 as she works at a salvage yard being run out of a fallen AT-AT. This scene is described as having Rey show off her agility as she explores the inside of this old Star Destroyer, jumping over dangerous gaps and fearlessly moving about the inside of this massive ship.

Taking the Millennium Flacon to Yavin

Then there is mention of a scene that was missing form the previous description, of Rey, Finn and BB-8 cutting through a crowded marketplace in this desert home world of Rey's. Again, Making Star Wars points to the larger scene that this is taken from - where Rey and Fin first run into the Millennium Falcon and Han Solo and Chewbacca. Supposedly this scene is moments before the epic shot from the first trailer where we see the Millennium Falcon evading those TIE Fighters.

Millennium Falcon & Tie Fighters in Star Wars 7.
Millennium Falcon & Tie Fighters in Star Wars 7.

Then we have that shot of Rey looking up to see those TIE Fighters in the sky. But the new description adds the fact that she's looking through trees, on a planet that looks like Yavin. It's being slowly revealed that this is likely the planet that the CG character being referred to as Rose lives as well as the Jedi Academy that is said to be a part of the reveal of Luke's past in Star Wars Episode 7.

And before that shot of the X-Wings flying in V-formation it sounds like we'll also get to see the X-Wing pilot in full orange flight gear running to their ships in a moment that is described as having a truly old-school appeal to it. What's interesting is that I haven't read any description of what the music or voice over in this new trailer is like...

Darth Vader's Helmet Pulled From the Ashes

Then we have the last moment of the second trailer for Star Wars 7 - Darth Vader's helmet. The original description was of the burned out helmet simply being shown sitting on a podium of some kind. But the additional description has the helmet actually being removed by a gloved hand from a pile of ashes. And that's not all, supposedly there are still remains of Vader's skull inside the helmet as it is being removed.

Darth Vader's helmet emerges in Star Wars 7 trailer
Darth Vader's helmet emerges in Star Wars 7 trailer

This of course sparked some debate from fans about what would actually happen to Vader's body when he finally died. Would he disappear like Obi-Wan? But I have to agree with other that took the ending of Return of the Jedi as depicting Luke holding the dead Vader's body and definitely giving the impression that Vader's body was inside that suit when it was being burned.

Piecing Together the Kylo Ren Puzzle

Finally, if you haven't seen this new image of Kylo Ren's helmet - take a glance at it while you can as it's disappearing off of some sites. Obviously, it's of a puzzle board that is being developed for the movie. Yes, the pieces of Kylo Ren are definitely coming together and, while it's annoyingly fuzzy, the image certainly supports those concept art images of Kylo Ren's helmet that leaked a while back.

A puzzling image of Star Wars 7 Kylo Ren's helmet.
A puzzling image of Star Wars 7 Kylo Ren's helmet.

There was another image of Kylo Ren that leaked out recently but it seems like it has been pretty well scrubbed from the internet by now. It was taken from the corner of a Star Wars Episode 7 officially licensed toy box - you can see a version of it on the Cantina message boards here. Again, the original concept art version still appears to be the best version of Kylo Ren's helmet - the only difference being how colorful those stripes on the helmet will turn out to be.

What do you think? How are the pieces of the [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) puzzle falling into place for you? Leave a comment or become a creator and post your own opinion on Star Wars 7!


Did you think Vader's body burned with his suit in Return of the Jedi?


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