ByChris Sanders (csandreas), writer at

Warning Reader: This is a different type a review. Anime Debate is a series on my YouTube channel where I review an anime against another anime without spoilers usually choosing a victor. In this case I pit two of the most popular anime in modern times against one another in a battle to end all battles. Fairy Tail and One Piece on the surface are incredibly similar but the reality is after you finish watching the almost 1,000 episodes the two series share is both are much closer to Dragon Ball Z than each other. Both are action series geared towards boys known as shonen, both feature awesome fight sequences and both take time for a decent amount of light hearted humor but after those base traits are listed the similarities end there.

Watch the video to find out which series truly is superior and why, the results may just surprise you (or make you angry, this is the internet after all).


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