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Fast paced action, sweet close-up slow motion shots, and a terrific story make The Equalizer starring Denzel Washington a must see for any action or drama movie lover. Unlike some action movies that tend to lean on long intense gun fights or action sequences to make up for a lack in story, The Equalizer has an amazing story to accompany the awesome action sequences viewers will undoubtedly take away from this movie. Another thing this film does well in is taking its time to explain the plot and each character. It doesn't skimp on any part of the story, especially the characters. The Equalizer explains in detail each main character and some of the sub-main characters and how they fit into the movie. By the end of the movie, if you pay attention, you can pick out each character and tell what their role is in the movie, even if the names are a little hard to pronounce.
The story flows throughout the whole movie and never leaves you bored and looking for the exit of the theater. It will make you feel connected to the characters, even some of the minor ones. The Equalizer is great at keeping you on the edge of your seat. Camera work is a big part of why I gave this movie a 9/10. The camera will get close-up during certain scenes and gives a perfect sense of symbolism. It makes great use of "power shots" when the camera is facing upwards at a character giving the sense of superior power. It also makes amazing use of dramatic shots, especially with Washington's character. You will see my favorite shot in the entire movie near the end (Don't worry, no spoilers) When it zooms close-up on Washington's face and slows down the role to show the water falling on and off of his face and head. That shot gave me chills.
The only bad thing I have to say about this movie is that you never really find out what Washington's character did before this movie took place. You find out what kind of connections he has but nothing more. But at the same time, I did like that sense of mystery around his character. It worked perfectly for the movie.
The Equalizer is a must see even if you don't particularly like action movies. There is a terrific enough story to keep anyone interested in this movie. Denzel Washington never seems to disappoint. Definitely earns 9/10.


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