ByNathan Archer, writer at

Today I watched another classic (which means the review is going to be really short) which is Blade Runner, however this time I watched the final cut which I haven't seen before. Blade Runner is a neo-noir starring Harrison Ford as Richard Deckard who is a cop who hunts down 4 human-like robots known as replicants.

I really love this film for quite a few reasons, which include: the great acting, the film in its entirety is very beautiful and I love the story and how it progresses. One of my favourite genres is neo-noir (which is why I love Sin City so much) so I am bound to love this film; and the things the final cut adds I liked, which were that certain scenes were slightly changed or new scenes were added and they revamped the special effects (which are really good).

I won't give this film a rating as it is such a classic and I can't really see any negatives which there must be so I'll leave this post at: Blade Runner is one of my favourite Sci-Fi films and I could and will watch it over and over again.


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