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Today in my Physics class we watched a film (suggested by me) called Primer; Primer is an indie film about two engineers that make a machine that makes objects travel back in time (if I went into how they explain it, I'd go on for many pages), the story develops and they experience problems with causality.

There are a ton of positives for this film, which include: great and complicating story, great story development, the direction is really good, the way the film weaves in the time lines is really clever and the movie resolved well. I love this film as it is so complicated (imagine inception X by 100) and awesome; first time I saw it I was a bit confused but I still enjoyed it and this time as I had a basic understanding of the story I enjoyed it a lot more and understood everything. The way the film weaves through the time lines and all the doubles of Aaron and Abe (the main characters) is really clever if you can follow the plot; just overall this film is so good.

There are a few small negatives, which are that the acting isn't that great and the story is slow at the start. The acting in the film is ok but it could be better and as it is an indie film its understandable and I don't care too much; also the time it takes to build and explain The Box is about 30 minutes but after that point the story progression is really good.

So overall the film is really enjoyable and intriguing and taking the negatives into consideration; I rate this film:


If you love complicated films then definitely watch this film, I can't praise it enough. If you don't like it the film's only 75 mins long so not a lot of time lost.


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