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As part of a movie marathon I saw 22 Jump Street followed by X-Men: DOFP, best night ever. So 22 Jump Street is the sequel to the 2012 comedy following a couple of newly qualified cops taking down a drug ring (to see my review of that, look below on the side bar), this film follows the same cops Schmidt and Jenko taking down a drug ring in a college.

There are a lot of positives to this film, which include: the film is extremely funny and enjoyable, the story is good and the acting is good. I found this film hilarious and was laughing almost through the entirety of it, the story is really good in how it develops and brings up jokes that are in the start of the film later on; also the movie is very self aware which is funny when it is pulled off well and this film does. What I really liked was that they made you think that this film is a carbon copy of the first however it is quite a bit different and that makes it a good sequel; again Channing Tatum did well and was very good in the film, his character made me laugh a lot. However by far the best part of this film is Ice Cube, like the first film he stole every scene and the funniest moment in the film has him in it (but is actually due to Channing Tatum).

There really aren't many negatives in this film, but the ones I can think of are: the movie is quite long and slows down in certain places but the film doesn't feel like its runtime, also the story is good for a comedy but not amazing; and finally the negative I always state in near perfect films, I wasn't emotionally attached to the characters.

Overall I really enjoyed this film and thought it was hilarious, and in my opinion I thought it was actually better than the first (Jonah Hill said that in an interview but I thought he was probably lying, guess not). So taking everything into consideration, I rate this film:



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