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No matter how heartless the internet makes me with its always-evolving creepy content, there will always be things that really throw me for a loop. Unexplainable animals, grotesque surgeries, and historical horror are just a few of these things, so naturally that's what you will find on this list.

Everyone has objects, behaviors, or subjects that they avoid, but I prefer to confront them directly. Here's a list of 11 photos that disturbed me deeply, and it's my nefarious hope that they do the same for you.

1. Just your average everyday house pest

With horrifyingly unexpected wings and a thirst for blood.

2. Google Maps continues to send you down a path to horror

I would have been speeding past this street so fast if I were this Google driver. At least now we know where not to go lest we come face to face with this freaky golem.

3. Extra appendages in strange places

After an accident at work, a Chinese man's hand was cut clean off. His doctors wanted to reattach the hand but opted to delay the procedure. They chose to attach the hand to the man's ankle to prevent it from dying. He stayed like this for a month.

4. Just draw whatever comes to mind

It seems like this man only has one image in his head. Is it a self-portrait or the demon that plagues him?

5. Giant earthworm

No living thing like this should ever exist. It probably doesn't even have any defense mechanisms, but I still want this as far away from me as possible.

6. In the blink of an eye

A cameraman was horrified to find that he captured a couple's suicide into the Yangtze River. The plummeting body coupled with the total lack of recognition from everyone else really makes this image shocking.

7. Hang on tight

A group of Norwegian friends were base jumping when their makeshift bars came loose. When they saw this, they were all convinced that he died from either hitting the cliffside or the precipitous drop. Miraculously, he was able to deploy his parachute in time, but seeing this terrifying fall remains deeply unnerving.

8. The haunting brutality of war

This girl was photographed in Hiroshima following the atomic bomb's devastating effects. Her eyes tell a visceral story about the horrors of World War II.

9. Lightning crashes

Two brother, Sean and Michael, posed for this photo at Sequoia National Park when their hair stood up. Immediately after this was taken, both of them were struck by lightning. The pair got lifted off the ground by a roaring explosion. The blast knocked Michael to the ground, but he survived. The younger brother Sean fell unconscious and suffered third-degree burns, his back emitting plumes of smoke. In a tragic turn of events, Sean later ended up committing suicide.

10. A feast of flesh

I'm hoping that this is a funeral practice of a "sky burial" where the deceased are left for vultures to consume. Needless to say, it's a grotesque sight to behold.

11. Imprisonment

After her mother kept her imprisoned for 25 years, Blanche Monnier was discovered by police, and this photo was taken. Her bed was full of blood and feces, and she, the gaunt and cowering woman, only weighed 55 lbs. Her mother was immediately put in prison, but she died from the stress a month later. Blanche never recuperated from being a hostage and was institutionalized.


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