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I was intrigued by this movie by firstly watching a clip on YouTube about CreepyPasta's being turned into movies. This one came up for the Russian Sleep Experiment but when going through the movie, I soon realised that it had nothing to do with the Russian Sleep Experiment, in fact had nothing to do with sleep at all. It's about a supposedly "Governed" experiment were 4 people (1 woman, 3 men) had to take a survey, having questions such as "what could you live without - 4th of July, Christmas or Easter?".

It all seems good and calm until a dramatic change of mood happens once a doctor walks in and shoots the girl.

At the start of the movie it seems as if it's all about the hierarchy, wealthy at the top, homeless at the bottom but towards the end you soon realise that it is not. There were two phrases people had to go through. Although in this movie you only see the first phrase, because the first phrase is the process of elimination, hence why the doctor shot the girl. One of the men believed that the whole thing was fake, and that the whole point in them being locked up in that small, pale white room was so they could see how they would react to each others deaths, but oh how he was wrong.

This whole experiment was based on mind control and trying to find the Almighty American so they can use them as "civilian weapons". They want to try and find the people who will kill themselves so others can live.

Phrase 2 is unknown.


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