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Christopher Nolan explores literally time and space in this new and visionary science fiction film, one of the best in the genre of recent years. "Interstellar" is a journey not only through space but also through the emotions of human beings, eventually to be above all a film that touches feelings and discusses love as the greatest force on Earth.

In many of his earlier works, Christopher Nolan always likes to address ethical and moral issues, with different points of view that can be interpreted differently by each viewer, Interstellar is no different. Using paradoxes and scenes that may seem a bit complex, where there is always something more to say hidden behind small details. The similarities to other films of the genre, especially with what Stanley Kubrick did with "2001: A Space Odyssey", Nolan never fails to mark its own identity using his usual style of work, a nonlinear narrative and ambivalence with regard to the feelings of the characters.

In the near future, somewhere in America devastated by storms of sand, where food and resources are increasingly scarce, Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) a widower farmer who lives with his 15 year old son Tom (Timothee Chalamet and later Casey Affleck) , his daughter Murph 10 years (Mackenzie Foy and later Jessica Chastain), and his father-in-law (John Lithgow) know that the future does not promise anything good, because Earth is collapsing and soon everything will end. Following a strange clue of something that happens in Murph's bedroom, Cooper and his daughter discover a secret NASA station that supposedly everyone thinks that no longer exists. Cooper who once had worked for them as an aerospace engineer, finds there Professor Brand (Michael Caine) that tries to convince him that he need to go on a search of a new planet that has all the necessary conditions for human life, as within a few years it will be impossible to live on Earth. Cooper then has to deal with the dilemma of staying on Earth with his family or with the daughter of Professor, Dr. Brand (Anne Hathaway) and two crew members, leave for the unknown and save not only the his family but all the human beings of the planet.

Visually it's a fantastic film! I had the opportunity to see in IMAX and I think this is really worth to be experienced that way. All scenarios are incredibly well executed, it's amazing how everything look so real! With a cast of great weight was impossible not to have good performances. Matthew McConaughey in particular, shines once again in a highly emotional role that will be able to make us shed a few tears. The only aspect that can not go in favor of the film is the use of too much scientific language that can be difficult to understand and confusing for the audience.

A film about the search for the unknown, which raises the maximum emotions and where love ultimately turns out to be the most important Human existence. I think it is safe to say that "Interstellar" is the "2001: Space Odyssey" of this generation and this statement says a lot about this film. It may not be a perfect film, but it is certainly a film of great caliber.


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