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Mark Wahlberg is a bad man. Not in a moral, pull your pigtails sort of way; but it a Shaft sort of way. He is one of the best actors if you need a believable sniper. Or Cop. Or boxer. Or... you get my drift. When someone needs to be physically menacing while maintaining likability - Mark Wahlberg's your man.

That is why I love his character Tommy Corn from I Heart Huckabees.

Strange little movie. All about existential crisis. In one way Mr. Wahlberg plays to type. He is a firefighter. Tough guys those firefighters. However, its the humanity of his character that makes him the type of dude I would like to hang out with.

So, what would a day hanging out with Tommy Corn look like?

That's easy. Grab a bicycle (Tommy abhors the use of fossil fuels), pack a hearty lunch, throw a length of chain into your backpack, and lock yourself to a beautiful oak tree.

Ok, Ok. I know. That doesn't sound too terribly pleasant. Yet, this is where the fun starts. The beautiful tree I'm chained to is right next to Tommy's own tree. I'm now just attempting to stop another wooded lot from being bulldozed for another coffee shop - I'm spending the day talking to a wonderfully complex man. You see, on the outside Tommy Corn seems like every other muscle bound, testosterone fueled, angry gym rat. That just isn't the case when you listen to him. He cares.

He cares about our planet. He cares about our future. He cares about whether there is anything to continue living for. He cares enough he is riding his bike to the scene of a fire. He cares to save the wetlands. He has a desire to make things better - and unlike most of us - he does something about it.

This is why I love Tommy Corn. He is a lesson I need to learn. Stop and listen. The best things often come from the places you would never expect.

If I am going to spend a day with someone I would probably be too terrified with the soldiers, fighters, and gun-slingers. But enjoying a beautiful afternoon chained to a tree while listening to a passionate man explain why we all need to care... sign me up.


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