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About 2 months ago I reviewed The Town, Ben Affleck's second film that he directed and I really enjoyed it so now I decided to watch his directorial debut. Gone Baby Gone revolves around 2 private detectives looking into the disappearance of a young girl and stars Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan as the private investigators, Gone Baby Gone also stars Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman.

This film has a lot of positives, which include: great acting from the main characters (e.g. Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman), a really good story with lots of twists and turns and also there is a lot of intrigue. One of the best parts of this film is the story, it is very clever and intriguing and I was hooked for the entirety of the film; also the ending is very good as it is morally questionable and makes you think about it.

The film also has a few negatives which include: the acting in the supporting characters is mediocre and there isn't a considerable amount of emotion. The acting of some of the characters like the mother I thought wasn't that good and was pretty bad in comparison to the main cast. Also I wasn't that emotionally attached to the characters or the family and the film should do that, as I have seen it done successfully in Prisoners.

Overall I really enjoyed this film as the story is really good and for the other reasons I have mentioned, so taking everything into consideration I rate this film:



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