ByNathan Archer, writer at

Today I watched a supposed classic action film, Bad Boys. Bad Boys is a buddy cop film which stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as two cops trying to recover stolen heroine (from the Police Station) from drug lords who are going to sell it, Bad Boys is directed by Michael Bay so explosions were guaranteed.

There are a few positives to this film, which include: really good action scenes, the chemistry between Lawrence and Smith is really strong and enjoyable to watch and finally there are some funny moments in the film. To expand, the action scenes are good and its nice to see an older action film so I get to see real squibs (blood splatter) instead of digital ones, they always look better.

There are also some negatives to the film: which include: overacting in places, simple story, some of the jokes didn't work and the story progression is slow. To expand on these, almost every character apart from Lowrey and Burnett was really overacted which is never good in a film; also when I said some parts were funny they were but most of the jokes didn't work for me. The story in this film is quite simple and because of this the story progression feels and is really slow; it takes ages for things to happen and I was bored in a couple places.

Overall this film is enjoyable but not the best action film I have seen and because of the negatives, I have to rate this film:



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