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Today I decided to watch the Blade films all in a row (which I'm probably not going to finish) starting with the first Blade which I have seen before, however this is not the case for Blade II and Blade Trinity. Blade is a 1998 comic book film starring Wesley Snipes as the leading role of Blade, a half-human half-vampire who hunts vampires and is trying to track down a vampire leader called Deacon Frost.

There are a ton of positives to this film, which include: superb action, the acting in the main characters is great, the story is good, the story progression is good and there are proper vampires. To expand, Wesley Snipes fits the role perfectly and I really liked Kris Kristofferson as Whistler, I also thought that Stephen Dorff was cool as the villain. All the action scenes are really cool and fun to watch, this movie contains awesome, bloody and completely evil vampires which films nowadays should have more of.

There are also a few negatives in the film, which include: shoddy CGI in places and flat or bad acting from some of the supporting roles. As the film was made in 1998 it can be excused for bad CGI and when the vampires are killed the disintegrations are good but certain things like blood and the exploding vampires had absolutely awful CGI. Some of the supporting roles had bad or flat acting and Frost's lackey was annoying in the film.

Overall I really love this film and think its really cool and fun to watch, so taking everything into consideration I rate this film:



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