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Well that went well, I said yesterday that I was going to have a blade marathon but then I had to do things so I only managed to finish one film; today I am trying to finish the marathon by starting with Blade II (which I'm not going to finish now). Blade II is the sequel to Blade (1998) which continues the story of the half-human half-vampire this time teaming up with the vampire nation to eliminate a new breed of vampires, The Reapers.

There are a lot of positives in this film, which include: awesome action, better CGI, cool twists in the story, the story progression is good and the acting is good. To expand, the action was as cool as the first and the CGI got better even though it was still bad in places; there is a couple cool twists toward the end of the film which I thought were neat and the story progressed well. Finally all the acting in the film was pretty good and I just love Wesley Snipes as Blade he's just awesome, and him saying 'you obviously do not know who you are f*****g with' just made this film great.

There is only one negative that I can think of which is that the overall story is quite basic; even though the twists at the end are cool and the story progresses well, for the first half of the movie the story isn't complex at all and even after the twists the story is still pretty simple.

Overall I really enjoyed this film but for some reason I seem to slightly prefer the first, so taking everything into consideration I rate this film:



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