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I was told this film was bad so I tried to be optimistic when watching it, however it didn't stop me seeing this film for how awful it is. Blade Trinity is the third film in the blade franchise where blade with the help of other vampire hunters known as Nightstalkers try to take down a group of vampires who have awakened Dracula, Blade Trinity stars Wesley Snipes as Blade and Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel as two of the Nightstalkers.

There are a few small positives from this film, which include: Wesley Snipes is cool as Blade, Dracula is cool, the action is good, story progression is good, the CGI is much better than the previous films (which can obviously be contributed to the fact that this is the newest of the films) and the basic premise of the film is quite good. To expand, Dracula in this film is cool and a bit of a badass even though he is a bland character; some of the action scenes are pretty good and the story progresses well. Finally the premise of the film is actually quite good shame the execution is bad.

There are a lot of negatives to this film, which include: Bad acting from a lot of the cast, the script is absolutely awful, the action isn't as good as the other films, the humour doesn't work and the vampires are completely different. To expand, lots of the acting in this film is bad especially from the villains however this might be contributed to the shocking script; it made Blade have bad lines and scenes and there is just awful dialogue throughout the film. Another problem is the humour, I laughed a few times but for the amount of jokes that was meant to be in this movie I should have laughed a lot more; normally I like Ryan Reynolds and he plays the same character he normally plays but he didn't fit in this movie mostly because of his humour. Finally the vampires are different in this film, one of the reasons I loved the first two blade films is because the vampires were awesome and badass (which Dracula kind of was) but in this film there were pathetic and would run away from a fight. After seeing Blade II and there were awesome vampires in it like Reinhardt I'd thought we'd see more of those kind of vampires; instead there are more of the kind of vampires I hated in the first blade (Frost's lackey) the villain Danica Talos is an example of this, and the person playing her gave a completely flat performance.

Overall this film is really awful, difficult to watch and it is a lot worse than the previous films so for the reasons I have mentioned I have to rate this film:



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