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The DC Cinematic Universe is not the most established movie universe, not even logos for several of it's upcoming films. DC has a wide array of good directors, including David Ayer on Suicide Squad and Michelle MacLaren on Wonder Woman, but some more promising directors have been recruited:

The Flash

Several rumors have previously teased Phil Lord and Christopher Miller of "The Last Man on Earth" and "21 Jump Street" fame are being courted by Warner Bros. to direct Ezra Miller's Flash film in 2017.

Some credibility came to these rumors on Thursday via Deadline, who reported that besides producing the LEGO Batman film and writing a script for the second LEGO movie, Lord and Miller are developing a story treatment for the 2017 Flash movie. Since Warner already has worked with them on the extremely successful Lego franchise, there is no way that they wouldn't want them to direct.

They are only working on the story, which hopefully means that they will go the route of full-out comedy like some of their work like Brooklyn Nine-Nine ( which also has a police element) and 21 Jump Street. The plan for the movie as dreamed up by Marc Guggenheim, Greg Berlanti, and Michael Green include inserting the genre of forenscic thrillers like Se7en into superhero films (like the Russo's inserted political thriller into The Winter Soldier), but I personally would like to see what they have cooked up.

No information on if they are or aren't directing

Extra Tidbit: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Phil Miller is Will Forte's character on Last Man on Earth, a fantastic TV show


Aquaman is also an upcoming DC movie that is directorless, and we may be able to attach a name to this movie too.

Some new rumors have surfaced, which seem to be saying James Wan of Furious 7 fame has been tapped by the studio to direct Jason Momoa's Aquaman in his own feature film.

Momoa's character, the King of the Seven Seas, is a character that is often mocked, but the casting implies they are trying to make him into a badass. And hiring James Wan would certainly do the job

Wan isn't one of the first lesser-known but talented directors, as the Sony hack revealed that Jeff Nichols of Mud fame was in the running.

Wan's name is also solidified in the horror genre, much like Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson. In his horror films, Wan made the films not just about the killers, but the family of characters. And after directing a huge blockbuster fil, this is definently a film he could do, maybe adapting the Throne of Atlantis storyline

This could totally be a possibility, as Zack Snyder's 300 influence could support this, as Throne of Atlantis could happen in ancient times (besides the fact that it happens underwater)

Extra Tidbit: Furious 7 is a fantastic film


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