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So, everyone's super excited about the new Daredevil show that came out today. Most people are predicting things like how he'll fit into the MCU and new Defenders show and that kind of stuff, but no one has really thought about his role in Captain America: Civil War. They've talked to the actor who plays Daredevil/Matt Murdock about an appearance in Cap 3,

“I’ve been reading Civil War – and Daredevil does appear in that. And look – again, just to clarify – I have not been called about that. I haven’t been invited to that party! But it would be very very cool. Just to be in the background, saying cool stuff every now and then. It would be cool to be with all those guys.”

Now I know it's probably kinda late in the game to say this, but I believe that maybe, instead of marvel going with Cap and Tony fighting over T'Chala or Black Panther, they would fight over Daredevil and he would unmask himself at one point which would give a good place to start season 2 or 3 for Daredevil and get him an appearance on S.H.I.E.L.D.

There is many reasons he is so good for this, he's the first vigilante in the MCU and is very good for this part of the Civil War. 1, He's the only vigilante in the MCU to be unmasked. 2, Black Panther doesn't really fit the bill being the king of Wakanda and all. 3, Spiderman isn't available. 4, The hype is surrounding him right now and he's awesome!


Do you want Daredevil filling Spiderman's role?


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