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NOTE: The following plot speculation is based on nothing but my own insane thought process following Marvel’s event, plus previously available information. I know nothing about what will for sure happen. I am almost certainly wrong about all of this. But in the event that I am not… SPOILER ALERT.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Tony Stark believes – as a futurist and a man who just went through the events of AVENGERS and IRON MAN 3 – that superheroes have great potential but also invite terrible consequences. This is backed by the emergence of the superpowered “inhuman” Maximoff twins (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver), who’ve somehow gained power from Strucker’s infinity gem experimentation. Baron Von Strucker also worked on robotics. As a result, Stark creates the peacekeeping robot ULTRON, who is based off of Struckers work, as a way for the Avengers to no longer be the world’s shield. This backfires, Ultron destroys massive massive amounts of the planet’s population, strikes at the heart of the previously-isolationist nation of Wakanda, sets off the Hulk (maybe throws him to space), banishes Thor irrevocably to Asgard. Iron Man / Captain America find a way to shut it all down, but at the expense of their collaboration. Iron Man, disillusioned with superheroes trying to fix things, retires fully. Cap begins his own new team of heroes, but they are rag-tag, underfunded, and include the unstable Maximoffs and strange robotic Vision. The Avengers are asunder. Superheroes are hated. Definitions are changing. Grey areas abound. Also, Baron Von Strucker laments how Ultron failed and the Red Skull comes out.

AGENTS OF SHIELD (this season)

Coulson and his team discover that the Maximoffs are not the only “inhumans” out there. A strain of alien DNA runs through our collective humanity from ancient times – some kind of Kree experimentation. It threatens to turn our world inside out if the gene is ever activated, there are so many who would become empowered (including Skye).

Coulson and his team seek to stop this from happening… and succeed. The world is safe from the chaos of inhumanity… for now. Maybe Skye gets powers. The show can go and tackle anything after that. They can move away from Coulson’s weird alien visions. The seeds have been planted. Also, Skye (Quake) could become an Avenger and unite the Inhumans against Thanos. This way the entire Marvel Universe would be DIRECTLY united.

Agent Carter

The only relevant plot detail is that of Midnight Oil. I do not think this even applies. If you accept what I say, I am just stretching this theory so I can include every show. For reference, Midnight Oil is a gas that causes psychosis and makes you want to destroy things. (This is a weak link at best, I don't really think Agent Carter ties in and do not think she is really a part of the MCU; But if you have any ideas, leave in the comments)


This is a possibility. While the story lines may or may not tie in, Daredevil could be a Avenger in the Infinity Wars Saga. How he meets up with the Avengers is up to the writers, but I think that there is a good possibility that he appears in the fight against Thanos. But again if you have any ideas put them in the comments.


In the chaotic aftermath of Age of Ultron, super science is becoming a massive and dangerous black market. A scientist (Henry Pym) and a thief (Lang) team up to steal the Pym Particle suit (which belonged to SHIELD, cause copyright, making Pym incredulous). The inclusion of YellowJacket is interesting, considering Pym is both. We may see him as the villain or as another good guy/future Avenger. While they don’t mean to become heroes, they end up saving the world from Crossfire (that is the rumored villain) – especially since there’s a genuine lack of superheroes post-Ultron. That also makes them kinda-still-criminals, since Tony Stark is working on a bill that will register all superheroes under government supervision.

Maybe by the end, Captain America shows up to offer them a place in the Avengers… and they turn it down. After all, they have each other. Who needs those self-righteous people? They will probably join later. During Civil War, Maybe???


Tony Stark’s new non-Iron Man governmental position sees him trying to make up for his past recklessness – and thus sees him hunting down and imprisoning superpowered individuals. When he captures Bucky (and/or one of the Maximoffs), Cap realizes that history is repeating – Tony is working out of fear, not hope. Cap assembles a team of Avengers to save his friends, while Stark assembles one of his own to fight them.

One of the battlegrounds: Wakanda – where the superpowered Black Panther( T'Challa) is revealed and forced to take a side (against his country’s isolationist position). T’Challa basically becomes the Peter Parker of this story, torn between sides. Ultimately, Tony has to put his suit on one last time and fight his friend.

Cap and Iron Man both fall – one dead and the other into the lonely darkness of exile. I’m guessing Tony dies and Cap puts down the shield. Again… the world is left with fewer heroes than it started with. Maybe Bucky steps up to take the shield, putting together a new team of heroes to stand against the next threats.


In a totally-separate corner of the Marvel Universe, we meet the Sorcerer Supreme: Doctor Strange. Marvel’s supernatural horror fantasy. Introduce another infinity stone through the antagonist (presumably Dormammu)… and a coming darkness even greater than Dread Dormammu. While he succeeds in protecting our dimension – and maybe in making a friend (Wong?), Strange learns that while he doesn’t play well with others, he may have to seek help if our dimension is to survive… the Infinity War.


Speaking of Infinity War: Thanos goes to war with the galaxy, outright. Starts messing shit up HARD just to get at the Infinity Stones. No more lackeys. Time to fight for real. The Guardians do their rag-tag thing, maybe seeking out the power of Adam Warlock or the like (Hulk-See paragraph below) to fight Thanos – but they ultimately fail (I would say most likely a guardian dies and a new one joins)… and have to head to the last place Peter Quill ever wants to go:

Earth. Why? Because the only thing that can stand in his way is on that planet, an ancient safeguard against Thanos planted by the Kree. But what is it? We’ll find out…

Avengers: Age of Ultron: The Hulk

Alternately: Hulk is shot into space at the end of AGE OF ULTRON and is recruited by Thanos. Thanos somehow acquires the Midnight Oil, causing the Hulk to go on a psychotic rampage. ( Again, weak at best, Hulk usually goes on a rampage anyways) The film finds Hulk being used against the Guardians – to destroy planets and conquer them and hunt down Infinity Stones – until Quill manages to discover Banner underneath.( Basically Planet Hulk) Banner gets control back and turns on Thanos – slowing him down just enough (Looking like he is dead to everyone...) that the Guardians can head to Earth to warn of the coming invasion. (I would like to credit Josh Andersen for the idea of Hulk being shot into space in his article "How will the Avengers meet the Guardians of the Galaxy")


Marvel has back rights to Spider-Man, YES!!! But how does he fit in? Well, in the comics, he is the one who originally defeats Thanos, as foretold by Order and Chaos. ( Who are basically gods who keep the universe balanced and they say they manipulated Spider-Man's destiny so that he defeats Thanos) Anyways, Marvel may have included him just so they could keep true to the comics or so they could introduce Norman Osborn, Iron Patriot, and HAMMER (see the Conclusion). Who knows, If you have any ideas about this, put it in comments. For my personal theory, he fights Norman Osborn and puts him in prison. How he does it, right now, does not matter.


Thanos’ war comes to Asgard, just as Loki’s reign as Odin is discovered by a newly returned Thor. A massive and brutal war begins between Asgard’s forces and those of Loki/Surtur (demon of the realm of Muspelheim/Fire Giant)/Whoever-fights-for-Thanos. Thor is forced to finally take his father’s throne. Maybe Loki allies himself with Thanos’ general (not sure who that’d be, but probably not Thanos himself, as to save the big bad for Infinity War).

In the end, Thor dies heroically to save Asgard… but Thanos gets his gem. Thor’s hammer falls to Earth, ready to be reclaimed by another. Loki, terrified for the end of all things, heads to Earth as well. Now both the Guardians and Loki are there.


The Guardians of the Galaxy (or whats left of them)/Loki arrive on Earth just in time to warn them: Thanos is coming and Earth is unprepared. Thor’s hammer sits somewhere on Earth, unmoving. Cap and Iron Man are off the map. Banner simply won’t Hulk out, since he has no idea how to control it any longer.

It’s Carol Danvers (a military person) / Maximoff / Doctor Strange / surviving Guardians/ Daredevil (possibly)/ Quake (possibly) against Thanos and most of the infinity stones as he tries to take the Wakanda stone (which they assume is the last hope and the last Infinity Stone he needs). Wakanda is on the brink of falling. There’s some big final battle. Reality begins to fall. Carol Danvers tries to take him down herself – and is obliterated by the Infinity Gauntlet. The heroes use the last of their strength to put some kind of guard over Wakanda.

Thanos rules all.


The story of an old and proud nation being introduced to the insanity of the modern world – and of its champion, the Black Panther. He must choose to be a hero for Wakanda, or for the world at large. After all, following Thanos Invasion, so few heroes are left. Introduce his American military counterpart, the strong and adventurous Carol Danvers. He revives her from her death due to the Infinity Gauntlet. They work together against Klaw, a villian who uses vibranium for his sound weapon, becomes living sound later. He also is a general for Thanos who is trying to retrieve the Infinity Stone . Then, he is defeated and Black Panther uses his weapon against him and get introduced to the Avengers. Carol has an interaction with vibranium, that combined with the Infinity Stones, turn her into Captain Marvel.

Kind of a Bond film that ends with Wakanda embracing its role in the world. Also: reveal that Wakanda’s advanced power comes at least in part from its possession of an Infinity Stone.


The last superhero – and the newest. Imbued with powers from her encounter with the Infinity Stones and Vibranium, Carol Danvers is resurrected somewhere in space. She’s alone and has to become her own kind of hero – taking the fight to Thanos. Running a guerrilla war against Thano’s empire. Taking him down piece by piece. Becoming the hero she always wanted to be. The ultimate resistance fighter, standing up for herself and for the weak among the galaxy. The space-based Captain America to Peter Quill’s space bound Iron Man.


Thanos breaks through the shield protecting Wakanda. Giant war to protect Wakanda. Somehow – through reality manipulation perhaps – Cap and Iron Man return to settle their differences. Maybe one brings the other back from the dead (stronger if Cap brings Tony back, since he’d have some experience with resurrection). Actually maybe not, just read that NO phase 1 Avengers will be in here, but you never know.

The Guardians return with Kree (Maybe??)

Captain Marvel returns.

It is now Captain Marvel, the remaining Guardians, possibly the Kree, Strange, Daredevil (possibly), and maybe Agents of shield, and someone picks up the Thor hammer, and Spider-Man against Thanos. A huge, AWESOME battle occurs.

Someone (maybe a woman? Maybe Jane Foster? Maybe Sif? Maybe Loki?? Maybe even Captain America, because he does in the comics) picks up the hammer of Thor.

In a last ditch effort to keep the last Stone from Thanos, Strange and the Guardians unleash the Cinematic equivalent of the Terragen Mists (They are the mists that the Inhuman race is exposed to when they come of age to get their powers, at least in the comics also is the very thing Coulson was trying to stop back in Agents of SHIELD)… activating strange powers around the globe. Humanity just became… INHUMAN. In an end credit scene, Norman Osborn is seen mutating into an even more powerful version of himself. The remaining heroes and all of humanity (Inhumans) somehow beat Thanos (or maybe not that might be in Inhumans) (Spider-Man GO!!!!), take the Infinity stones , and scatter them.

The Inhumans Rise.


Kamala Khan, huge superhero fangirl, has just become Inhuman. Her world is falling – having been taken by Thanos – but that’s okay, cause she and many others have been introduced to their destiny through Attilan (an earth/moonbound city of Inhumans that have lived forever in secret), But they are unruly, disorganized, they fight within their own ranks. Kamala must team with Black Bolt (In the comics, the leader of the Inhumans who can never speak) to unify them… before Thanos (or some other villian, depending on whether they defeat him in Avenger: Infinity Wars 2) discovers their location. Perhaps, the Illuminati is formed. Either that or, after Strange released the Terrigen Mists into the atmosphere and Thanos is defeated, humanity is in shambles. When suddenly, an unknown enemy emerges. Humanity must band together to fight. I do not know, this is the hardest to predict.

Conclusion and The Next Phases

Also the Illuminati may make an appearance.

Earth is protected… and liberated. And with the stones scattered and a large part of the population now wielding superpowers, the Marvel Universe is set to once again take on a whole new Phase.

The Secret Invasion
Skrulls, who see the Kree is weakened after Thanos, make their move against Earth, a strategic Kree base. Lots of movies here. For the overall theory, the important thing for the future is that Norman Osborn publicly kills the Skrull Queen.

World War Hulk and the Dark Reign

Then, perhaps the Hulk returns and is so mad at Iron Man for shooting him into space during the Age of Ultron, that he launches the events of World War Hulk, in which S.H.I.E.L.D. is destroyed (again) and Norman Osborn (Because of the Spider-Man movie) takes the lead. He sees how weak the world is after Thanos and strikes. Norman Osborn has gained even more power from the release of the Terrigen Mists and becomes an Inhuman. Then Norman uses his popularity from the killing of the Skrull Queen to start HAMMER, his replacement of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the events of the Dark Reign (the attack on Asgard in Oklahoma) are ushered in.....

Fear Itself

After that, the Red Skull makes his move. With the original Avengers dead, he attacks the New Avengers but is defeated. His daughter was scarred by his death and became the next Red Skull. She creates the events of Fear Itself. She picks up an artifact (called the Hammer of Skadi) that transfers a demon (Skadi) into her and she basically becomes all powerful and forces heroes to become her minions , called the Worthy) comes into play.

Fifty-State Initiative

One of the newer Avengers is disturbed by how easily their opponents are taking advantage of them. He/She is disturbed how a huge threat comes one after another (Thanos, Skrulls, Norman Osborn, Skadi). So he (Just going to refer to this person as a he when he could be a girl or boy) decides to create the Fifty-State Initiative. He takes young superheroes and puts them in training camps with older superheroes to guide them. But an unknown threat manipulates it so that all the heroes serve him. I do not know who it would be. This could happen after the Secret Invasion but Before the Dark Reign and Osborn is the manipulator. I don't know, this is wayyyyyyyyyy far in the future.

M-Day/House of M

This could be the first thing that happens after Phase 3. Scarlet Witch is mad at Thanos for destroying her world so she initiates M-Day. She alters reality and after probably many movies, she puts it back where it originally was. But she takes away most superpowers. This could explain how humanity lost its powers after Doctor Strange released the Terrigen Mists into the air. That way, people with superpowers would be special again.



The leader of the Negative Zone who kills all, Fantastic Four anyone?? He comes from the Negative Zone which Mister Fantastic discovers


The all- powerful world devourer who comes from the universe before ours. He could come to eat our Earth. I think this is the least likely to happen, as usually they like to connect everything. Unless, something cool happens like Thanos is actually Galactus's son, which would be EPIC. Wait, that makes sense. I will expand on this later.

Chaos War

Where the Chaos King attacks the Gods of Olympus and Hercules dies defending them or Avengers vs. X-Men I know, I know, it isn't going to happen, but a man can hope.

And this is not a villain, but they may make an Iron Fist and Luke Cage movie and expand on that with the Heroes for Hire movie.

After they wrap up Phase 3, who know what could happen next. There are now limitless opportunities for Marvel. Leave any additional ideas in the comments and/or any problems you see with it. Also leave any questions that you have with this theory. If I got any facts wrong, please tell me so I can fix them. I just made a major change as I realized my movies were in the wrong order, so I probably say something that does not make sense or is wrong, so please point that out. All comments are appreciated but please don't be a troll.

Also this is not my original idea- idea came from this link BUT I added quite a bit myself.

Also on the subject of the Hulk being shot into space, that idea came from Josh Andersen, a fellow creator

And if you want to know where I get most of my Marvel info, it is from this amazing book called Marvel Encyclopedia!! I highly recommend it.


What do YOU think will be after Phase 3?


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