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Sam Keller

With Marvel Studios, the same group that are know for creating a cheesier tone for the previously dark and gritty superhero films, I was really interested to see how Marvel would treat a character with darker roots. And to say I was not disappointed would be an understatement. Netflix did a fantastic job in creating a dark but balanced tone (which is a known issue for the 2003 film, which was trying too hard to be dark), beautifully shot action sequences, and a really likable Charlie Cox for the titular role.
Every story needs a good hook, and cold opening with the accident that made Matt Murdock blind set the tone for what this show is going to be. A dark, but epic story that will keep us on the edge of our seats and retell the story told in 2003 film in a more in depth and interesting light. As with the most shows, there are subplots, but unlike most shows, the subplots are relevant to the main character's story, but simply being told from another perspective, which I applaud Netflix for.

ps. Nikolai Nikolaeff, aka the Rhino Ranger from Power Rangers Jungle Fury is playing a criminal named Vladmir, and I find it interesting that an Australian actor who played an American superhero is now play what is an quite intimidating Russian villain.


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