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Yes. Fox is making a Rocky Horror Picture Show TV show.

I'm not sure I'm down with that.

Actually, it won't be all bad - like The Sound of Music and Peter Pan before it, the Rocky Horror Picture Show is being remade this year, in its 40th anniversary (happy anniversary Dr. Frankenfurter! Happy anniversary Rocky! Wait, no...), as a 2-hour TV event. Bet this one's going to draw a different audience.

As the longest running film in cinema EVER due to the success of its Saturday midnight dress up and sing-along screenings, catchy songs and not to mention successful musical theater play performed around the world, the tale of a creepy castle-dwelling cannibalistic alien transvestite and friends developed a cult following with everyone who felt weird or like they didn't fit in (don't we all feel that way, really?) and found family with other Rocky Horror lovers.

Though times have changed since the film first came out forty years ago and by and large the world can be seen as (somewhat) more tolerant to individuality and diversity, I'm sure there will be a whole new generation of weird and wonderful misfits who may not have seen the original (dated) film and will find a kindred spirit in this fresh take, if it's not sanitized for Fox audiences, but done right.

Cast announcements (or casting in general) are yet to be confirmed, but the TV event will be executive produced by Gail Berman and the original 1975 movie’s producer Lou Adler, and Kenny Ortega of High School Musical fame, is set to direct and choreograph.


Are you excited for a remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show or do you think it's going to be a disaster?

Until then - let's Time Warp.


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