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Hey guys, HeroGeek here with my first review!

To start, There are many superhero shows on T.V. in todays world, like The Flash, Or Agents Of Shield, to even arrow. But seemingly all these shows have the same... how do i put this... They have the same aspects. Like a bright humoristic experience with some intense scenes every now and again, But if were being honest. They just don't deliver the true superhero experience. Now into the review!

Netflix's Daredevil has a great cast. at first seeing Matt Murdock (Charlie cox) i was very sceptical, Did they choose the right actor to portray the legendary Murdock? but then BOOM as soon as you see him in action! wow this guy is incredible. personally better than Affleck. so far two episodes in the cast is rock solid. The thing that separates this series from the rest of the T.V. shows out there is that Daredevil is very Dark and while humor is still mildly present. it is just the perfect transitioning from scene to scene with such a dark tone.

All in all this series is amazing if you have netflix is a must see!


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