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If you are reading this special invitation, then you have won our challenging and educational Wahlberg Wednesday event! You have answered thirty-eight questions about Mark Wahlberg correctly. You have taken Mark's Mythical Quiz of Impossibilities and became a champ. You have also been selected among one thousand, nine-hundred, and seventy one winners to spend a day at Wahlberg World. Below is your itinerary for your special day at Wahlberg World. Enjoy your fabulous Wahlberg day!

Itinerary For Wahlberg World (One Day Pass)

7:30 PM (Day Before): Arrive at Wahlberg World. You'll be greeted by Bob Lee Swagger himself and escorted to Shooter Dining Hall. There you will eat a hearty meal of ham, corn, and mash potatoes with the following: Bob Lee Swagger, Marcus Luttrell, Micky Ward, Detective Terry Hoitz, and the man himself Mark Wahlberg. Mint ice Cream and apple Pie will be served as dessert.

8:30 PM (Day Before): Bob Lee Swagger will escort you to Four Brothers Lodge so you can get a warm, comfy night of sleep. You'll need all the rest you can get to prepare for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a huge day at Wahlberg World.

6:30 AM: IT'S THE BIG DAY! You wake up, get dressed, and greet the day with a smile. Mark Wahlberg himself escorts you to Shooter Dining Hall. You have a filling breakfast of cereal, eggs, sausage and biscuits, french toast, and waffles. It's only you and Mark Wahlberg at the breakfast table this morning. Use the time to ask Mark Wahlberg any questions you may have.

7:30 AM: Bob Lee Swagger picks you up from Shooter Dining Hall in a jeep. You drive out to The African Plains Shooting Range where Bob will show you everything you need to know about becoming a master sniper. This is a perfect chance to become the ultimate shooter.

9:30 AM: Marcus Luttrell picks you up from The African Plains Shooting Range and takes you to The Woods of Afghanistan to teach you how to survive in the wilderness. You'll play extreme games of laser tag, paintball, and airsoft with Marcus Luttrell and gang. Your wilderness survival skills will be a big factor in this mock battle.

12:00 PM: Mark Wahlberg will pick you up from The Woods of Afghanistan and take you back to Shooter Dining Hall. You'll eat a scrumptious spaghetti and garlic bread meal with ice cream and apple pie for dessert. You'll have the chance to talk with Mark Wahlberg here.

12:45 PM: Micky Ward will pick you up in a limousine from Shooter Dining Hall and take you to London Boxing Arena where he'll train you in the arts of professional boxing. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to win a fight or two against Micky. Be careful though!

2:00 PM: Bobby Mercer will pick you up from London Boxing Arena and take you to Evelyn's Michigan Murder House. Here you can do one of two things. You'll have the choice of playing an intense game of capture the flags using paintball guns, or you can spend your time solving a mystery in hopes to win a very large cash prize. Should you pick the latter choice, you'll be able to have Bobby Mercer as your assistant and no one else.

4:00 PM: Cade Yeager will pick you from Evelyn's Michigan Murder House and take you directly to Autobot Headquarters. At Autobot Headquarters you will get to meet Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Hound, and Crosshairs. You'll get to fight Megatron and Galvatron. You'll also fight numerous other decepticons. At the end of the battle, you'll receive your very own award from Optimus Prime.

8:00 PM: John Bennett will pick you up from Autobot Headquarters and take you back to Shooter Dining Hall for one last hearty meal. You'll have ham, corn, and mash potatoes with ice cream and apple pie for dessert. You'll be able to meet Ted and ask him and John anything you'd like. After dinner, you'll receive your own stuffed bear with Ted's signature on it.

9:00 PM: Your day is ending. Mark Wahlberg will escort you back to Four Brothers Lodge. He'll spend the last hour with you. Your wish is his command. You'll receive an assortment of goods signed by Mark himself. You'll get a final mega-prize before the night is over.

8:30 AM (Day after): You'll leave Wahlberg World after you wake up. You'll be escorted to Mark's private jet, where you will say your tearful goodbyes. Remember, you can always return with a simple purchase of a Wahlberg World ticket.

Thanks for visiting Wahlberg World. We hope you had a fabulous time! Remember, this is not the end. You can always come back with a purchase of a Wahlberg World ticket. Until next time!


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