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The season finale of the Mindy Project was full of delights and disappointments; the latter stemming from the unknown answer to the question of a series renewal. With the identity of Mother and Father Lahiri still a mystery, this plot point would make for a great lure to act as an undercurrent to a new season; in a mass binge of the show if it were to be picked up by Netflix.

Alongside Peter’s unnecessary visit to New York the week before his wedding when he should be getting a haircut, the episode focused on the aftermath of Danny and Mindy’s relationship upon Danny ditching her parent’s leaving party.

Writing the former point off as a welcome ploy to have our beloved Peter in the finale, albeit have us questioning why all of Mindy’s OBGYN appointments were via Skype upon this convenience, the season finale does try to placate us with some information about Mindy’s parents. What we do learn is that, according to Mindy. Danny should gift her Mother some wine, her father a non fiction book and his silence on the Yankees. And finally, Grandfather Lahiri, whom i’m hoping will be a senior aged Rishi, with a rare coin.

My expectations of the Lahiri family continue to grow with these clues, and I sincerely hope the Lahiri’s stem from a family of rich doctors, who seem traditional and successful on paper, but all share the side of crazy that lies in everybody when we face the dissolution of the social construct that is ‘adulthood’. With no awareness of the social norms, Mindy and Rishi must have learnt their ways from somewhere other than camp.

Season 4 doesn’t only lay its prospects in the Lahiri seniors, but also in the pre eclampsia arc, that seems to shake the comedic overtone of Mindy’s pregnancy, thus far, once more.

Laura Dern, who seemed much saner running from dinosaurs, initiates a storyline that will surely be resolved with a Danny-is-an-idiot-but-we-love-him music montage in which he races to Mindy’s aid.

The season finale dealt with the peak of commitment woes that had been brewing ever since the come down of the epic empire state roof scene, the surprise of the traveling to India, when San Francisco felt like the furthest our characters would ever go. And Finally,

The manhattan meat train, ghosts of mindy’s past only served to highlight that Danny’s fluctuating commitment is merely an illogical traumatization instead of any actual worry about Mindy.

It is this successful combination, of comedy, montages and character growth that I pray for The Mindy Project to get another season.


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