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in 2009 Dexters Lab creator Geendy Tartakovsky announced that a Dexters lab film was in the works for the big screen after the success of the 1999 film ego trip. in 2003 he decided to make a "sequel" or a new film with a new story that was not involving ego trip but with a more interesting story for the fans. in 2005 the film was eventually scrapped because the story was not relate to the show and was going to take it in a completely direction to the show which turn out to become Hotel Transyvania in 2012 . in 2013 there were some big rumors coming

from Genndy that he will direct a CG feature film for possibly late 2015 or early 2016 or for 2017 .there's no word on when will the film be released and what will the plot of the film will be. but for now Genndy has 2 projects on the table Hotel Transyvania 2 and can you image due to this 2 projects we could possibly see a Dexters lab film in the future .


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