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Lionsgate has announced that 'Project Almanac' director Dean Israelite will helm the upcoming 'Power Rangers' movie that has fans dieing for a more adult telling of their favorite childhood team.

This news comes at a bit of a shock because it has been rumored that Lionsgate was searching for a "top-tier" director to take on the project.

According to Variety Lionsgate was on the search for a well known director but decided on Israelite because during his presentation to Lionsgate, he "blew them away" with his vision for the soon to be franchise.

His ideas were so compelling that they decided to overlook his small resume, and give him the keys to a Megazord.

Dean Israelite
Dean Israelite

His only well known directing credit 'Project Almanac' was a success. While it received mixed reviews, it managed to earn 32.2 Million on a 12 Million budget.

'Project Almanac' at times seemed like just another found footage movie about a group of teenagers finding something amazing and powerful, only to reap the consequences later. But Israelite did a good job at keeping the story interesting and away from predictability.

He also did a great job at developing the teenage characters, something that will be necessary in a Power Rangers movie.

As an avid supporter of this more gritty 'Power Rangers' movie, I am very curious as to what Israelite's plans are for the franchise.

Hopefully now that a director is in place, some official casting announcements will be made. Here I my shameless plug fan casting for who I think should play the new Power Rangers.

How do you feel about Dean Israelite? What ideas do you think he has in store? Tell me what you think in the comments, and thank you for reading.


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