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So DC Comics announced that they are officially leaving New York City and moving west. They are relocating to Burbank to be closer to the parent company Warner Brothers.

DC Comics posted on their Facebook page, saying thank you to the people of New York.

"DC Comics has been part of New York City — and vice versa — for decades, It's never easy to say goodbye but we are excited about the future and everything it holds."

DC Comics has been eagerly hiring for its new West Coast offices, including snagging some talent from Marvel and other comic book companies. The changes come at all levels of the company — one of those choosing to stay behind is senior vice president Bob Wayne, who's been with DC Comics for 28 years.

Batman editor Mark Doyle told Comics Alliance that he didn't think the move would have much of an effect on teamwork in making their books.

"I don’t think moving the offices will stop any collaboration," Doyle said. "We’re not moving to Antarctica. There are a lot of flights to L.A. It should be fine."

Longtime DC creator Paul Levitz, who served as the company's president for seven years in the 2000s, expressed more mixed feelings on the move.

"Has all this connecting been made obsolete in the era of the Internet and global interdependency? Maybe, but New York won't be quite the same without a DC Comics, and as a New Yorker whose life was shaped by his city and by the DC offices, I can be sad about that."
"The move west closes a long chapter in DC's history, and opens another one, another longtime creator, DC made some promising editorial hires to staff up, while losing some truly great people who chose not to relocate."

To help give the staff some time to make the transition, DC Comics suspended all its regular titles for two months, putting out a collection of mini-series in the "Convergence" line, largely creators not connected to their regular books. Following this, DC is set to make some changes to its comics, canceling some books while launching a group of new titles.

Here's the part where Marvel responded to them on Twitter.

Marvel is also supposedly trolling DC Comics next month by releasing alternate covers to 15 of its books celebrating New York City.

"New York has always been home for the Marvel Universe, we were born here 75 years ago. We’re proud to be New Yorkers and we just thought that this was a way to underscore that."

Alonso drew the distinction with DC.

"Superman lives in Metropolis. Batman lives in Gotham, but Spider-Man is from New York and lives in Queens. Our characters have always had an intimate relationship with the city."

No word yet on whether DC will end up publishing themed comic book covers celebrating that cool Burbank lifestyle next.



Do you agree with DC Comics moving away from New York City, over to the West Coast?


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