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So i used to live in Springfield Ohio with my mom, and my sisters, and step dad (rip). i shared a room with one of my oldest sisters. my bed was right beside a creepy closet that didn't have a door on it and i was i think about 10 years old in 2007.

one night i heard a noise and looked at my wall and saw something moving so i was like 'oh my god what the crap is that?' and stared at it. it was suddenly beside me and i continued to stare at it. now you don't know what fear is until you see a shadow thing at night by your bedside with glowing dark orange eyes.

now it flew at my face and i froze up. i could feel the fear in the pit of my stomach by this point, and after like, i don't know probably 30 seconds but it felt like 30 minutes, i took off running down stairs and i refused to go back up that night. i stayed on the couch.

later that year my dad died (accidental suicide) in the house in his room, i never really thought the two things could have something to do with each other until recently. i really hope whoever is living there now isn't having problems.

what really sucked was my mom nor sisters ever believed me


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