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Marvel starts off their Netflix shows in a great way, by doing something very different. Daredevil proves to be a darker, grittier show than we've seen in the MCU before. It's refreshing to see this universe in a darker way than we have before in the movies, and it really makes the show feel unique. The show has a great tone and I hope it's something we get to see more in the other Netflix shows.

Charlie Cox is great as Daredevil, he has an amazing voice and from his first scene in the show you can tell he's going to be amazing in the role. Seeing him suit up as Daredevil is great as the fighting are some of the best stunts I've ever seen on a TV show.

The costume looks great and I really enjoy the dark colors and seeing what the red costume will look like I hope this black one stays around for a while. The supporting characters around Matt Murdock look interesting and his powers are explained moderately well, but it seems like there aren't too many boundries to waht he can here.

The flashback scenes are, ok. The first one makes sense but the second seems forced, don't worry this is fixed in the next few episodes. It still sort of feels like a pilot with some of the dialogue, but that's something hard to avoid.

8 / 10

Overall it's a definite watch, great fighting, writing, acting and direction make this worthy of being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What did you think?


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