ByTeen Wolf News, writer at did the math and says Dylan O'Brien would be available for a rumored movie role this summer.

First it was “Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien is the new Spider-Man” now it’s “Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien is in Deepwater Horizon,” it seems the Hollywood media is trying their darnedest to get Dylan O’Brien out of Beacon Hills.

Deadline broke the story on Friday. Well, I should say, ‘Deadline broke the rumor on Friday’ since that is all it really is at this point. They reported that Dylan is on deck to join Peter Berg’s Deepwater Horizion disaster movie without giving even the hint of a source for the story. Deadline has a great track record with breaking true Hollywood stories but usually we get at least a “multiple sources tell me” thrown in there for a bit of support - not this time.

Let’s take them at their word and accept that the studio is considering Dylan. I'm pretty sure he can do it and remain on Teen Wolf since the two productions likely won't be shooting at the same time.

Director Peter Berg sat down with the New Orleans Times-Picayune for a lengthy interview about production preps on the movie. The whole thing is big news in the Gulf States because it’s based on a very real disaster that happened right off the coast. Berg told the paper they were looking to start shooting in late May and will be working on the film for 3 months.

The role Deadline has in mind for Dylan is as one of eleven survivors of the disaster. That means, if cast, he would need to be in Louisiana for the entire 3 months.

Dylan should be on hiatus from Teen Wolf in late May. I base this assumption on the Season 4 production schedule. They started on February 19, 2014 and saw the last of 12 episodes finished on July 1. In other words, production on 12 episodes took place over a period of 133 days.

Since they started 10 days earlier this February for Season 5 and need to film just 10 episodes (half of the full season order of 20 eps) before taking a break - Dylan should be wrapped on Teen Wolf (for a little while at least) by the last week in May.

Again, this is based on past observation - Season 3 did 12 episodes then took a few months off before returning to do the second half of the season.

It seems, if the studio really wants Dylan for Deepwater, he should be available.


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